Quality over Quantity

Offensive line athletes tend to get lost in the mix or may not be as receptive to coaching that occurs in large groups. By focusing on private and small group sessions, we are able to have a concentrated focus on each athlete individually. This allows us as teachers to be detail-oriented and also enables us to deliver sessions that are tailored to the particular needs of the athletes.

We also pride ourselves on teaching a huge aspect that often goes ignored: the "Why".  Anyone can tell you what to do and how to block, but if you don't understand why you do it or why it is done a certain way, you will not be playing at your full potential.  Through the teaching of body positioning and biomechanics, we are able to teach not only the "How" but the "Why".

We stress that we are not a replacement for the athlete's high school position coaches.  We are merely a supplement so that your position coaches can focus on the Xs and Os while we focus on the finer details within the specified technique that often gets overlooked or rushed through.